Organizations working on Immigration in Nebraska

Nebraska Appleseed
Mexican American Commission
Lincoln Action Program
The Catholic Church

Other Initiatives

The Rural Initiative
Dialogue Across Nebraska
Community Builders
Friendship Force
New American Task Force
Justice for Our neighbors

Research Centers

Various research centers have contributed to the growing literature on the issue of immigration and the diversified opinion among policy makers and the public. Some of these centers and their activities are outlined below.

The Manhattan Institute
The Manhattan Institute (MI) is a New York-based think tank which has been engaged in supporting and publicizing research in key public policy concerns. In its 25-plus years of existence, the MI supports publication of books, publishes a widely circulated quarterly magazine--City Journal--and hosts luncheon forums, conferences, and debates that reach a broad, diverse audience including policy makers, business people, researchers and journalists.

The issue of immigration has been one of the areas of concern for the MI. For over a decade, more than 30 articles have been published in the City Journal on various dimensions of immigration. In 2007 alone, the MI hosted four events that related to immigration directly, alongside other crucial concerns of public policy such as health care, the environment, foreign policy and other aspects of race and ethnicity. This brings immigration as the most-discussed issue in that year. (See the below for details)

In the same year, a book by Steven Malanga, Heather Mac Donald, and Victor Davis Hanson titled "The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan Than Today's" was published.

Other research centers working on Immigration at the national level include:

FAIR / Federation of American Immigration Reform
Pew Hispanic Center
The American Immigration Law Foundation - Immigration Policy Center
The Center for Research on Immigration Policy
Immigration History Research Center
Center for Comparative Immigration Studies

Annex 1 - MI Forums 2007

MI Forums on Immigration, 2007

November 8, 2007 | New York City
Center for Race & Ethnicity Forum
Topic: Mongrels, Bastards, Orphans And Vagabonds:Mexican Immigration And The Future Of Race In America
Author: Gregory Rodriguez, Columnist, Los Angeles Times
Introductory: John H. McWhorter, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

October 29, 2007 | New York City
Manhattan Institute Book Forum
Topic: The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan Than Today
Co-authors: Heather Mac Donald, John M. Olin Fellow, Manhattan Institute, Contributing Editor, City Journal, Steve Malanga, Senior Fellow, Senior Editor, City Journal, Victor Davis Hanson, Contributing Editor, City Journal

May 15, 2007 | New York City
Manhattan Institute Forum
Topic: "You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato": A Right-Left Conversation About Immigrant Integration and Assimilation (A transcription of which has been published in the City Journal)
Keynote: Hon. Henry Cisneros, Chairman, CityView
Panelists: Philip Kasinitz, Professor of Sociology, Graduate Center and Hunter College, City University of New York, Noah Pickus, Director, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University, Margie McHugh, Co-Director, National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy, John Fonte, Senior Fellow and Director, Center for American Common Culture, Hudson Institute

January 9, 2007 | New York City
Center for Race and Ethnicity Forum
Topic: Book One Nation, One Standard: An Ex-Liberal on How Hispanics Can Succeed Just Like Other Immigrant Groups Sentinel Publishing
Host: Herman Badillo, Senior Fellow Manhattan Institute
Introduction by: Edward Koch Partner, Bryan Cave

MI City Journal Publications - (1997-2008) on Immigration

The Rainbow Coalition Evaporates
Steven Malanga, Winter 2008

The Resilient Society
Rudolph W. Giuliani, Winter 2008

Hispanic Voting Myths
Steven Malanga, Autumn 2007

"You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato": A Right-Left Conversation About Immigrant Integration and Assimilation
October 2007

The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan Than Today's
Steven Malanga, Heather Mac Donald, Victor Davis Hanson, November 2007

Do Immigrants Still Nourish Cities?
Steven Malanga, Summer 2007

Mexifornia, Five Years Later
Victor Davis Hanson, Winter 2007

The Right Immigration Policy
Steven Malanga, Autumn 2006

Hispanic Family Values?
Heather Mac Donald, Autumn 2006

Seeing Today's Immigrants Straight
Heather Mac Donald, Summer 2006

How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy
Steven Malanga, Summer 2006

What Would Mexico Do with Protesting Illegals?
Heather Mac Donald, 10 April 2006

France vs. France
Stefan Kanfer, Winter 2006

Less Liberté Means Less Egalité
Theodore Dalrymple, Winter 2006

If the Problem Is Muslim Terror, Then What?
Victor Davis Hanson, Autumn 2005

Mexico's Undiplomatic Diplomats
Heather Mac Donald, Autumn 2005

Testimony of Tamar Jacoby before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary
Tamar Jacoby, July 26, 2005

Immigration and the Alien Gang Epidemic: Problems and Solutions
Heather Mac Donald, April 13, 2005

Homeland Security? Not Yet
Heather Mac Donald, Autumn 2004

Multiculturalism Starts Losing Its Luster
Theodore Dalrymple, Summer 2004

The Immigrant Gang Plague
Heather Mac Donald, Summer 2004

The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave
Heather Mac Donald, Winter 2004

Opportunity NY
Steven Malanga, Summer 2002

Do We Want Mexifornia?
Victor Davis Hanson, Spring 2002

It's Time to Plug Our Leaky Borders
Mark Krikorian, Autumn 2001

The Dumbest Immigration Policy
Theodore Dalrymple, Winter 2001

Doing Better Than We Thought
Kay S. Hymowitz, Summer 2000

Choosing To Fail
Theodore Dalrymple, Winter 2000

Bombay on the Hudson
Jonathan Foreman, Summer 1997

The Immigrant Burden?
Stephen Moore, Spring 1997

SDN Projects

Strategic Discussions for Nebraska: Food Scarcity

Opportunities for Nebraska, Volume Three: Food Scarcity is the third annual publication of Strategic Discussions for Nebraska, exploring the importance of University of Nebraska research on the way we live- and on the way the world lives. Read more>>

Strategic Discussions for Nebraska: Energy Climate and Sustainability

Opportunities for Nebraska, Volume Two: Energy, Climate and Sustainability is the second annual publication of Strategic Discussions for Nebraska that explores the impact and relevance of University of Nebraska research.

Watch and listen as experts tell the stories of research and innovation at the University of Nebraska- one of the top research universities in the United States. Read more>>

2010 Opportunities for Nebraska 
Opportunities for Nebraska is the first magazine in a series that showcases University of Nebraska-Lincoln research. The world population is expected to grow to nine billion by 2050 and this research will result in producing twice as much food with the same amount of land and water. Watch and listen as UNL experts tell the stories of research and innovation at one of the top research universities in the country!

Ord Community Study
UNL student researchers along with SDN conducted a major research project to study the ways Ord residents communicate about what is happening in the community.

Immigration in Nebraska
Published in June 2009, Nebraska's Economic Future includes a summary of findings; stories based on individual interviews; summaries of community conversations; and articles written specifically for this magazine. The articles represent varied geographical perspectives as well as perspectives on various parts of the state's economy.

Immigration in Nebraska
SDN published research on Immigration in Nebraska for the project's initial study in May 2008. We selected Scottsbluff, Lexington, Crete and Omaha and looked at the impact immigration has had on those communities.