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SDN 2020

Thriving Nebraska: Key Drivers of Community Economic Vitality

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Strategic Discussions for Nebraska is a publication of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR). This year’s topic represents work in of the six IANR communities: Drivers of Economic Vitality for Nebraska.

Stories in the 2020 edition are focused on IANR work done in both rural and urban communities across Nebraska to build and support vital communities. Specifically, stories cover directed community initiatives, such as Rural Prosperity Nebraska through Nebraska Extension and tele-mental health services provided by the College of Education and Human Sciences, faculty-led initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship as an option for people to return to rural Nebraska, innovated farm production ideas that are specific to the Nebraska climate, preparing future generations for continued community vitality through inquiry-based learning and Nebraska 4-H programming, diversifying manufacturing and food processing options for those interested in developing new businesses, and transforming raw materials into value-added products, such as using soybeans and sorghum in innovative ways.

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Covid 19: A Global Pandemic

In 2020, a global pandemic hit the globe, causing significant changes to all industries. Higher education was not immune to these impacts. In March 2020, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln moved to remote learning for the remaining weeks of the spring semester and changed the dynamic of course design.

Strategic Discussions for Nebraska (SDN) is created each spring by senior students from the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication program and as a result of COVID-19, the course this year was moved to a remote setting.

Typically, a formal, in-person interview and photo shoot is arranged with each person highlighted in Strategic Discussions for Nebraska. However, in 2020, interviews were conducted via Zoom, photos were collected from archives, and story writing and editing was completed via distance. Despite this, students remained resilient and met the challenge to ensure Strategic Discussions for Nebraska told the story of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 2020.

It is important to note that the stories in this 2020 Strategic Discussions for Nebraska were written at the beginning of the pandemic in the United States and were left in the original form.

Strategic Discussions for Nebraska sends our heartfelt thoughts to everyone across the globe impacted by COVID-19.

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University of Nebraska–Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) focuses on people and the food, energy, water, natural resources and communities that sustain them.

IANR scientific innovation in the land-grant mission areas of teaching, research and Extension places Nebraska on the leading edge of food production, environmental stewardship, human nutrition, business development and youth engagement.

IANR comprises the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR), the Agricultural Research Division (ARD), Nebraska Extension, and the ARD and Extension components of three departments in the College of Education and Human Services.

IANR is committed to growing the future of Nebraska’s people, businesses and communities.

Strategic Discussions for Nebraska highlights teaching, research, and Extension projects occurring within IANR with the goal of communicating the work to a general audience.

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Students Create SDN Content

Students in the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication program in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication write the stories for the Strategic Discussions for Nebraska publication. New in 2020, senior students also provided photography for the publication and created promotional videos for the website and social media promotion.

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